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My Works

Daydreams From The Spirited Sea

A Mental Health TTRPG

Lots of studies have recognised the value of TTRPGs as therapy tools, but bemoan the lack of a therapeutic framework. This TTRPG is a therapeutic framework, built using concepts and ideas from Counselling and Narrative Therapy, which allows players to become more sure of themselves and ultimately happier, confident people.



Tabletop Fantasy
Whilst Daydreams from the Spirited Sea is very rules light and simple to understand, my other TTRPG Tabletop Fantasy has some more bite to it. Born from my dissatisfaction with mainstream TTRPGs like D&D and Pathfinder, I made Tabletop Fantasy to be both easier to learn than D&D 5e and provide more customisation than Pathfinder. And I succeeded. Throughout multiple playtests, Tabletop Fantasy greatly exceeded players expectations. If a player could imagine it, they could play it. One player built and played as John Carpenter's The Thing! Not only that, but character creation took a 3rd of the time for new players as it does for D&D 5e.



An Essay on Game Design and Narrative
A writing piece that did particularly well in class exploring the game-ification of the John Wick movies and the design of a thought experiment themed game. This task was chosen by my teammates, and proved to be quite challenging since the John Wick movies were made for action scenes, with story only added as an afterthought. 



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